Video Sessions

Dr. Chalmer offers video sessions using VSee (it’s like Skype, except it’s more secure and HIPAA-compliant). Video sessions are convenient (no travel time), and private (no waiting room). VSee is free, and installs easily on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

You can do a video session with Dr. Chalmer individually, or as a couple.

Please note: The video sessions Dr. Chalmer offers are not psychotherapy, and not covered by any insurance. Rather, video sessions are similar to a call-in advice program. Please read the important information about video sessions here.

Scheduling Video Sessions

The first step is to read the important information about video sessions here. and then fill out the signup form.  Dr. Chalmer will contact you, and together you’ll schedule the video sessions.

To download and install the free VSee software on your computer, follow this link. To install VSee on a tablet or smartphone (also for free), visit the app store for your device.

For information on fees for video sessions, follow this link.  Fees for video sessions are paid in advance, to reserve the time.

To arrange for a video session, fill out the signup form.