Dr. Bruce Chalmer

If your life has become painful, therapy can help.  Dr. Chalmer will work with you to open up possibilities, help you heal from hurts of the past, and find satisfying solutions to difficult problems.

Dr. Chalmer’s style is active, collaborative, and respectful.  One of the main influences on his work, and a major focus of his training, is narrative therapy, but his work also draws on ideas from cognitive behavioral therapy, solution-focused therapy, and psychodynamic therapy.

Dr. Chalmer has been trained in hyponotherapy, which can be helpful for a variety of issues (learn about Intensive Hypnotherapy sessions).

He is also trained in EMDR, a technique especially useful for treating the effects of trauma, and incorporates what some have called “brainwise” practices, including some simple mindfulness training.

Dr. Chalmer can consult (with your permission) with your primary care physician, psychiatrist, or other specialist to coordinate care when medication or other treatments are indicated.

Dr. Chalmer works with individual adults, couples, families, and other groups.  Couples or families may wish to consider a Couple Intensive as a way of jumpstarting the process.

Dr. Chalmer offers 45-minute sessions as well as longer sessions, called intensives. See this link for complete information on fees and insurance. Dr. Chalmer accepts some insurances for 45-minute sessions. He does not accept insurance for intensives.

See this link for reasons why you might prefer to self-pay for 45-minute sessions even if you have insurance.

To schedule an appointment, contact Dr. Chalmer.  For more information about Dr. Chalmer, follow this link.