Research in the area of interpersonal neurobiology has shown that mindfulness practice can have very positive effects on our ability to handle the stresses of life.  (See, for example, Mindsight by Daniel Siegel and Train Your Brain, Change Your Mind by Sharon Begley for readable summaries of these ideas.)

Dr. Chalmer often incorporates simple mindfulness practice in his work with individuals and couples.

Dr. Chalmer has also received training in hypnotherapy, which can be helpful in addressing a variety of issues (find out about Intensive Hypnotherapy sessions).

Other resources

Here is an introductory guided mindfulness exercise Dr. Chalmer recorded (in MP3 format, duration 12:43).
Here is another one (MP3, duration 13:23).

Dr. Daniel Siege’s website has a wealth of information on interpersonal neurobiology and its applications in therapy