Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is an approach to psychotherapy that has proven effective in helping people recover from the effects of trauma.  Dr. Chalmer has received EMDR training (levels 1 and 2) from the EMDR Institute, Inc.

Dr. Chalmer uses EMDR as one tool in the toolkit, and finds that it fits very well with the ways he understands this work.

Although the acronym refers to eye movement, EMDR is actually a therapeutic approach that can involve a number of modalities, which may or may not include eye movement depending on the particular situation.

Is EMDR right for me?

If you have experienced trauma (including physical, sexual or emotional abuse, rape, assault, serious accidents, war-related trauma, observing violence or other disturbing scenes, or any other potentially traumatizing situation), you may find EMDR helpful.

When you meet, Dr. Chalmer will discuss your options, and you’ll decide together with him whether EMDR is right for you.  If so, Dr. Chalmer will use EMDR in the context of your therapy as a whole–in other words, EMDR is just one part of a complete therapeutic approach.