Active, Collaborative, Respectful Therapy


By considering therapy, you’ve already taken an important step toward improving your life and relationships.

Couple Intensives

Maybe you’re considering separation, or you’re dealing with conflict you haven’t been able to resolve, or you’ve lost the connection you once had.  Maybe you’re dealing with a relationship crisis, such as infidelity.  Or maybe your relationship is strong, and you want to reach a deeper level of intimacy, emotionally and sexually.  A Couple Intensive could be just what you need…(more)

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If your life has become painful, therapy can help.  Dr. Chalmer will work with you to open up possibilities, help you heal from hurts of the past, and find satisfying solutions to difficult problems…(more)

Video Sessions

Dr. Chalmer offers video sessions, which, though not the same as therapy, can offer helpful advice and guidance, as well as convenience. There are some…(more)

Why you might prefer to self-pay rather than using insurance